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30 spots per month (1x daily)


with a 12-month booking


cancellation on monthly basis




with a 12-month booking


cancellation on monthly basis

90 spots per month (3x daily)




with a 12-month booking


cancellation on monthly basis

60 spots per month (2x daily)



What Our Customers Are Saying

The Prices

  • Studies show that, on average, radio advertising gives a 6-fold return on the original investment


  • Studies also show that radio listeners feel closer to a radio than any other broadcast medium


  • JazzRadio has a valuable demographic of listeners, with an above-average level of net household income


  • the listeners with the highest levels of education


  • the highest proportional number of listeners with the top levels of net household income


  • a large number of decision-makers


Of the 20 stations in Berlin that were surveyed by a media study, it was shown that JazzRadio has:


Advertising spots are broadcast daily on JazzRadio from 6am to 6pm.
The spots are max. 3o seconds - the right amount of time to get your message across to our listeners.

(incl. VAT)


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About JazzRadio

  • JazzRadio has 314,000 listeners and is based in Berlin. Since 2015 JazzRadio also broadcasts to Rostock


  • JazzRadio´s programme is a mixture of different jazz-genres, such as mainstream jazz, smooth, electronic, and soul


  • The programme was awarded 25 prizes at the New York International Programming Awards, including six golds

*MA 2014/lI WHK

With a characteristic background of music, we can make your spot more memorable to our listeners.
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